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Food Agape:                
Rub-a-dub-dub! Thanks for the grub!  Yeeeeaaaah God!  Oh the wonders and delights of the
agape table.  The table is covered in chips, crackers, fruits, vegetables, tea, water, soft
drinks, and of course the wonderful baked goods.  You never go hungry on a Chrysalis
weekend.  This is agape you know everyone appreciate.  However, this bounty is only
available because of you, the SWVA Chrysalis Community.
Food Agape info
Table agape is an easy, heartfelt, and much needed way to be a part of the Chrysalis
weekend.  Think of how much it meant to you to just be overwhelmed with all those pieces of
agape. It started out as a trickle, grew to a stream, and then finally a flood.  You can easily be
a part of this agape flood by sitting down by yourself, with your family, or your reunion group
and making up some agape.  You can get the agape to the flight by dropping it off yourself if
you are sponsoring or transporting someone to the flight, or by getting it to someone you
know will be there like a sponsor or team member.
Table Agape Ideals
During the weekend the chapel was a place of constant prayer for everything on the
weekend.  Every caterpillar, every talk, every team member, literally everything was prayed
for in the chapel.  It was a place where you could submit requests for prayers over things
weighing you down and you could pray for others.  This online prayer chapel serves that same
purpose as you go through your fourth days.
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