Chrysalis Flight and Journey Applications

Chrysalis Flights (for teens, ages 15-18) and Chrysalis Journeys (for young adults, ages 19-24)
are three-day events. This three-day spiritual renewal time provides an opportunity for you to
learn more about faith, to experience Christian love and support, and to make new faith
commitments. The point is to inspire, challenge and equip you for a closer friendship with
Christ and for Christian action at home, church, school, and community.
Chrysalis lifts up a way for you to enjoy Christ's friendship and love and to be Christ's friend
and partner in the world. The three days focus on God's grace, your experience with Christ as
friend, what it means to be the body of Christ, and giving love to a needy world.   
Southwest Virginia
Chrysalis Community
Chrysalis Flight and Journey Team Applications

The majority of us would like to serve on a team and it is a wonderful experience for most who
serve. There are, however, factors about serving on a team that should be considered. Just as
we say that CHRYSALIS is not for everyone in our churches, serving on a team is not for
everyone who attends a CHRYSALIS Weekend.
Everyone must be willing to serve in whatever capacity is needed. If you accept a team
assignment, you are making a commitment to be available for that weekend AND for a team
meeting  several times before that weekend. Availability and sacrifice of time are the critical
Each of us must take into account the physical and emotional strains that are sometimes
encountered while serving on a team. Team members are routinely the first to arise in the
morning and the last to bed at night. Working under pressure is also routine. Everyone on the
team must carry his or her full load and be ready to pick up part of someone else's work when
the unexpected happens – and it always does. Every team member must also be ready, willing
and able to share his or her faith and love with any and all others on the weekend—literally at
any time.
The  joy and mountain top experiences are there, but so also is the "climbing" and the
"giving." If you decide that being a team member is not for you, there are many other areas to
be of service to CHRYSALIS. You may want to put more effort into Agape, serve on a
committee, or fill other important jobs that are necessary for a successful CHRYSALIS
weekend. There is so much to be done that there is no limit to the opportunities for service.
Being on a team may or may not be the best way that you can serve—only you know this. If,
after praying about it, your answer is YES, please complete the application  and send it to the
address listed. Serving on a team will be a blessing to you and you will be a blessing to others.
You are needed!
An application is required for all team members that are in the Conference Room.  Team
selection is not made based only on the merit of the application.