About Reunion Groups
Part of our responsibility throughout our next steps is to keep ourselves grounded and
accountable.  Reunion or accountability groups help fill this need by providing a means to
connect, share, and support each other.  As a sponsor it is also our responsibility to ensure our
new butterflies get involved in a reunion group, whether it be our own or a different one.  Every
person in Chrysalis should be a part of a reunion group.  They are a key part of the support
structure of the community.  Not only because of the accountability they provide, but also
because they serve as means of communication for events and provide opportunities to make
much needed agape for weekends.
Reunion Groups work best when they are comprised of people of the same gender, meet face
to face, and meet at least once a week.  You want to strive for a reunion group following this
format, however, extenuating circumstances(college, etc.) sometimes don't favor this specific
setup.  In these cases, it is still important to have a reunion group and we should try and find
alternate means to have that accountability.  Some groups even meet online via IM chats.  But,
as stated before, you want to try and meet face to face, once a week, and with people of the
same gender.  This setup helps encourage sharing, fellowship, and closeness.  If you have
additional questions about reunion groups, please use the contact us form.

Your Reunion Group
If you would like to list your reunion group, so that those looking for a reunion group might
possibly join you, please fill out the
contact us form.  
Next Steps
Sponsorship is a living act of agape love.  It is the most important gift of agape you can give on
a Chrysalis weekend.  While it is a tremendous responsibility it is an amazing, powerful, and
rejuvenating gift to God, the caterpillar, the community, the church, Chrysalis, and yourself.  
Sponsorship is awesome For more information sponsorship go to the
Sponsorship Page
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