Good sponsorship is vital to the Chrysalis movement.  It forms the support structure for the
community.  Sponsors make God's love real to young people and helps make Chrysalis a
sacrificial act of love from start to finish. Sponsorship is a continuing and real act of agape
love.  It doesn't end when the weekend ends.  It continues as the new butterfly goes forth in
their next steps and as they become a servant and a sponsor in their own right.

Sponsorship is the same as Chrysalis to support the church and to help young people grow
closer in their walk with Christ.  You should NEVER sponsor someone in order to "fix" them.  
That is not the role of Chrysalis or sponsorship.  Other mistaken reasons for sponsoring
someone include to get all of your friends to go on a weekend, to have a full 36 caterpillars on a
flight, or to reproduce your own Chrysalis experience.  Good reasons for sponsoring someone
include desires for a young person to experience the acceptance and healing power of God, to
realize God loves and appreciates them, and to have a chance to discuss with non-judgemental
Christian peers and adults the struggles and questions they have as young people.

Sponsors should prayerfully consider who they will be sponsoring and their role as that
person's sponsor.  Chrysalis flights are for high school and college age young adults.  The
minimum age for attending Chrysalis is 15 or 14 having completed their freshman year of high
school.  There is also a college age program called Chrysalis Journey for those aged 18-25.  
Those aged 18 or older are also welcome to attend a Walk To Emmaus if the sponsor feels that
program would be more appropriate.

Who Should Be Sponsored?

Chrysalis is appropriate for young people who desire to grow closer in their walk with Christ.  
This includes youth/young adults who are already active in their churches and youth/campus
groups, young people in the church who are not active in the youth group, even those who are
not currently part of a church but are seeking to know Christ more fully in their lives.  Youth
group leaders and even mature youth or campus leaders are excellent candidates for
sponsorship because Chrysalis can build upon their infectious energy and natural leadership
skills to inspire them to energize and influence their churches and other youth/young adults.  
This doesn't mean that those who have fledgling faiths or are new to the church should not be
sponsored.  Chrysalis is for any of these people who seek to grow stronger in their faith and in
their walk with Christ.

Who Should Not Be Sponsored?
Chrysalis is NOT for everyone.  Even though a youth or young adult may meet the criteria above,
it does not mean they have to or need to go on Chrysalis.  There are many paths to Christ,
Chrysalis is just one of them.  Those who should not attend Chrysalis include young people with
no interest in Christ or the church, youth/young adults who are not mature enough for or who
would seek to disrupt the event, and youth who are undergoing crisis or trauma.  People in
these situations will often not benefit from the weekend because of their own troubles or
inclinations and may actually become a distraction for others who are at the weekend trying to
grow in their faith. Additionally, youth/young adults with religious backgrounds incompatible
with Christianity and youth whose parents who do not wish their child to attend the weekend
should not be sponsored.  Chrysalis should never be a point of division between a young
person and their family.  Sponsors should also reconsider sponsoring anyone unwilling to
commit to attending future Chrysalis events.  Chrysalis should not be forced.  A person should
desire to go to Chrysalis.

1- Plan To Sponsor
Plan to provide the support structure for the person you are sponsoring.  Actively work with
others to sponsor 1 or more youth on Chrysalis.  This ensures that in their next steps they have
someone to connect with and share the Chrysalis experience with.</li>

2- Pray About Sponsoring
Pray about the young people you are considering sponsoring.  Pray for guidance and
discernment for yourself as a sponsor. Pray for the openness and willingness of those whom
you may sponsor.

3- Meet With The Candidates
Set up an appointment to meet with the candidates to discuss the purpose and benefits of
Chrysalis and what it has meant to you.  Continue to meet with the candidate to talk about
Chrysalis and meet with the candidates parents to inform them and allay any fears they might
have.  Remember, there are no secrets on Chrysalis.  The only thing that remains confidential
is the personal witness and conversations shared at your table.

4- Extend The Invitation And Seek A Commitment
Explain to them that Chrysalis is a gift of agape, not something they need to go to.  Explain the
cost and ask for a commitment from them to fill out the registration form.

5- Collaborate With A Cosponsor
Work with others, youth or adults, to cosponsor the candidate.  Often good sponsorship
requires more than one sponsor.  First-time or inexperienced sponsors often find it beneficial
to work with a more experienced sponsor.</li>
6- Make Preparation For The Young Person
Continue to pray for the candidate and even get support from the pastor.  Collect at least twelve
personal agape letters from family and friends and don't forget to write one yourself.  Never
ask the team to deliver personal gifts from you or others to the caterpillar.  Ensure that the
caterpillar knows what to pack and that they are expected to stay on site the entire weekend.

7- Make Sacrifices
Plan to take care of the caterpillar's responsibilities like feeding pets or mowing during the
weekend.  Consider ways to make the candidates attendance on the weekend easier or even
possible.  Personally transport or ensure reliable transportation to and from the event.

8- Support Chrysalis During The Weekend
Be present for Send Off/Sponsors Hour, Candlelight, and Closing.  Sign up and get others to
sign up on the Prayer Vigil.  Make table agape for the weekend and bring food agape, especially
the items you know your caterpillar enjoys.  Invite parents to Send Off/Sponsors Hour or
Closing if appropriate.  Be sure to explain to parents the nature of Chrysalis and what to expect
during these events.

9- Encourage New Butterflies To Join Reunion Groups
Reunion groups are a vital part of the new butterflies next steps.  Help them find a reunion
group, whether it be your own or a different one.  Start one with them if need be.  Be sure to
take your caterpillar to Follow-Up, it is a great place to start reunion groups.  Continue to
support and encourage them to stay active in their reunion group.</li>

10- Take Butterflies To RUSHs,
For the next couple months take new butterflies, or even old ones, to different Chrysalis
events.  Inform them of ways to become involved and where to get more information about
upcoming events.  Encourage them to support Chrysalis by attending the events and possibly
even filling out a volunteer form for future service.

11- Help Butterflies Keep New Commitments
Support them in becoming a part of, or more active in, the church or youth group.  Encourage
and help them in their prayer and study habits.  Support them in the changes and actions they
feel God is calling them to make

12- Help Butterflies Sponsor Others
Become a cosponsor with the new butterfly.  Ensure that they know the responsibilities and
expectations of a sponsor.  Be a model sponsor for them.</li>

While sponsorship is big responsibility, it is also a very rewarding act of love.  Sponsorship is
the most powerful gift of agape you can give in Chrysalis.  It is truly an amazing experience.</p>

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